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Black Copper Marans

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Black Copper Marans

Sweet adorable personalities that deliver a surprising large egg from this medium size chicken.  The eggs are not only impressive in size and quantity they, are a yummy deep chocolate color.  The males are flashy gentleman that, love their ladies.

They are approved by the APA and can be shown.


Marans (the name is always spelled with the ‘s’ whether talking about a single or many birds) are fine dual-purpose chickens from France. Marans is a port town in France, and the breed originated from a now untraceable mix of chickens that were left in the town by seafarers in the 1800s. The birds were originally bred as fighting cocks, but some random combination of matings produced a bird that became popular for the barnyard. By the early 1920s the breed had been clearly established. From France the breed migrated to England and then in the past few decades to America.  In 2011, black copper Marans were accepted into the breed standard by the American Poultry Association.

James nidy

James nidy 17 Nov 15 Reply

Do you have hatching eggs for the marans yet ? Jamie from W.V.
Chicken Hill Poultry

Chicken Hill Poultry 17 Nov 15 Reply

Nice to hear from you James! The BCM are laying. I will email you directly.

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