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If you want a chicken that commands the eye, Blue Partridge Brahma will definitely fit the bill. Huge and upright they put off a look of regal reign.  The eagle like gaze is a complete facade as, we have found them to be extremely calm and personable.  The chicks are easily tamed making them a wonderful addition to the family.  

Large and stately, Brahmas fit the description well as a dual-purpose breed. The hens can also are productive layers of large tinted eggs. Few breeds have surpassed brahmas in their dramatic visual appeal.  This line of rare european Blue Partridge Brahmas are from Greenfire Farms.  They are tight feathered with a plethora of feathering on their legs and with their small combs are well suited for colder weather. 

The development of the Brahma as a breed went through a number of stages in America. The original brahmas were extremely large with roosters weighing as much as 14 lbs. Over time a smaller bird was developed –the accepted standard now calls for an 11 lb. rooster—and the feathering on the bird went from fluffy to tight. Today there are three varieties of the Brahma accepted in the breed standard by the American Poultry association: the light, dark, and buff.

How the Andalusian Blue Gene works For Black, Blue, and Splash (BBS)

When breeding with the andalusian blue gene, one mating can give you 3 colors of chicks.

The gene for blue is a WYSIWYG gene.   The visible plumage color is the color of the genetics.  There is no need to do test matings to find out if it is present. The gene is a dominate blue, effecting black only and little effect on red. The blue gene not present is a black bird, one blue gene will change a black bird to blue where 2 blue genes will change black to a whitish bird with splashes of black/blue. If the bird has red in the plumage, the splash color will be shades of black, white and red.

➢ Gold x Gold = 100% Gold

➢ Gold x Blue = 50% Gold and 50% Blue 

➢ Gold x Splash = 100% Blue 

➢ Blue x Blue = 25% Gold, 50% Blue  and 25% Splash

➢ Blue x Splash  = 50% Blue and 50% Splash

➢ Splash x Splash  = 100% Splash


Amber 14 Feb 16 Reply

Will you have any blue partridge brahma chicks available this year?
Chicken Hill Poultry

Chicken Hill Poultry 15 Feb 16 Reply

Hi Amber, Yes, we have chicks. There are still some openings for the chick season for them.

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